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R. Morgado de Mateus, 567
São Paulo, SP

+55 11 2615-2262

Hostel - Hostal, Sao paulo.  Na Vila Mariana We Hostel é um Hostel completamente diferente aos outros. Estilo, Conforto e Baixos custos num mesmo lugar. A completely different hostel in sao paulo sp with style, comfort and low prices. We hostel es un hostal muy diferente a los otros, con mucho estilo, comodo y con bajos precios


The Hostel


 It´s the main social area of the house, located just by the reception. It was decorated just to make our guests feel like home. It´s perfect for travelers who are looking forward for a quiet reading time, taking a cup of wine, talking around with friends or just to look up for the next trip destination from one of the computers that the hostel has able for its guests. In this room is served a homemade  breakfast every day - Please don´t forget to try the delicious cakes made by "Dona Celia".


The Kitchen

And yes... Our kitchen is also a social area. Just as a good hostel is, the kitchen is always open for those who are willing to (poner las manos en la masa) to prepare simple dishes, or just as usually  happened to gather with new friends and share typical receipts from their cultures. Moreover, it is not strange that new friendships started from here. And don't worry, everything in the kitchen is available for every guest- equipment, cutlery, pans, dishes etc. - So, it is just needed a receipt and an to invite some friends to make dishes full of passion,making  the a real especial moment for everyone. Uhm, you just want to make some microwaved spaghetti or lasagna, don't worry, feel free.  



How would a hostel be without a bar ? It´s in the back social area of the house, in an outdoor patio. Our cozy bar - also called "eat&drink"- often  holds events and activities. Just a little help to make our guests meet new travelers and also people from the city -SP- Our drinks´ menu was elaborated to offer the best cocktails with fair prices. If you visit us on a weekend, you will probably find something going on, movie night, 'sunset party', bazaar, karaoke, gastronomic event etc. But don´t worry, we know that the sleeping time is sacred, that´s why our events never goes over 11pm.

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They are located at the second floor in the back of the house. These 2 integrated areas are used by guests who are looking for a more intimate moment to get disconnected from the world,watching a good movie, studying or getting done some work in the Crystal Room. But, if what you want is to chill out and get some fun, just pull out onecontact us of the gamethat we have for you, gather with some friend and let the time pass by. The Crystal Room, with around 35m2, is equipped to hold business meeting with multimedia equipment and air conditioning. Just contact us to book it.

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the garden

It is just in the front of the hostel. This gorgeous area is full of nature and  open sky. It is perfect for a lecture time, just to chill out or to have a very inspired meal. at this area, our guests will sometimes be able to enjoy cultural events or parties that are hold in the afternoon. Smokers are also welcome to share in this area.

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